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Week 2 - Charlotte Hug performing "anderwelten" ("other worlds")

Week 2 - Anderwelten

The Trail - Ubu to Collarge to People Like Us to Charlotte Hug to Anderwelten.

A violist/vocalist named Hug embraces the incredible flexibility of the human voice, and shows us what can be done with one person and a minute and a half of time. All of the tracks on her website are available for free download. Beautiful inspiration for improvisers, composers, vocalists, and anyone who enjoys working in short forms.

OTHER PEOPLE - AN EXPERIENTIAL DISCOGRAPHY- Week 1: Luis Diaz Filming Margaret Leng Tan

Starting today, I will be taking you, gentle reader, on periodic adventures through the magical land of UbuWeb

UbuWeb is an astounding and ever-expanding archive of avant-garde, experimental, new and old stuff. My wanderings will most likely take me into music-related areas, since that's what I do. But who knows where we'll end up, really?

My goal is to find the incredible, the strange, and the beautiful.  I hope you'll join me.

Week 1 -  Luis Diaz filming Margaret Leng Tan

The Trail: Ubu to Pianoless Vexations to Ms. Tan's Website to Wrong Wrong Wrong to The Video.

The video begins, and virtuosic toy pianist Margaret Leng Tan comes onstage with fanfare. She plays some John Cage pieces, with a photo of Cage watching over the proceedings like a well-dressed, not-unkind ghost. In Part 2 (9'30"), she begins a performance of 4'33;" with a cough, Luis Diaz and Ms. Tan's hand are revealed as the main characters of this film. Suddenly, at 13'38" the couple in front of Mr. Diaz move together, and a new story unfolds before our eyes.