Jesse Diener-Bennett

Writer, Composer

Music, Fiction, Screenplays, and More. Written now.


November 19, 2016 - Scholes Street Studios
New York, NY
Maya Bennardo premieres A The Tree, Tree, and Maya and Anne Dearth perform the flute and violin duet Ninth for two.

Upcoming - Spring 2017
Chicago, IL

Jonathan Hannua performs Accounting|For 


Accounting|For for piano - Spring 2017 - for Jonathan Hannau
There is pleasure to be found in the repetition of Counting, and in the balancing act of Accounting; and then there is the much more difficult act of Accounting For.

[TBD] for any number of saxophones - Spring 2017 - for Hunter Long
A semi-improvised piece with two mirror versions,  one to be played in intimate spaces and one to be played in large venues.   


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