Jesse Diener-Bennett

Writer, Composer

Music, Fiction, Screenplays, and More. Written now.


A man who cannot be alone with the internet retreats into his local, low-tech library.

very short fiction


A boy grows up in house designed by his sculptor father, unable to tell the difference between reality and art. This novel chronicles his journey to become a "real" boy.

novel excerpt  

The Laugher

A day in the life of a stoic voice-over actor who specializes in laughing.

short screenplay - based on a story by Heinrich Böll

The Bakery - Episode One

Two Baristas at a Bakery/Café ponder death and hangovers a few weeks before the Mayan Apocalypse of 2012.


The Bohemians

Elliot grows up in a poor mining town, full of anger and helplessness. But beauty is found in unexpected places.

screenplay excerpt - based on a story by George Saunders


Jake gets an urgent message from his ex-girlfriend, only to find her Newark apartment deserted. As he searches for her, slowly, inexorably, the rest of his life begins falling apart - as does the world around him.

excerpt from a feature-length screenplay