Jesse Diener-Bennett

Writer, Composer

Music, Fiction, Screenplays, and More. Written now.

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A the Tree, Tree
is the stalk
rigid, and the steel
flesh, and the red burning
mouth, throat,
heaving stomach,
sumac and briar; that
is better.
That's how it knows you -
- the fist
pointed finger:
is bone, is
blood, em-
The stalk
nerveroots the
follicles worldturn
turn on the
lightsick chlorophyll.
The fist,
turned pointed finger,
the arm extended lights
turgid steel
skyward. Matchstick girl
I know; am; am against you.
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Recent Works List


Shame  (2014)   for speaking alto flutist

Wordmusic                   for solo orator

     -The Youngish (2012-2013, version w/ Pierrot Ensemble ETA January 2014) 

      -The Count of Crisco (2012, with or without percussion quartet)

     -Candy (2011)


The Zero Point   (2010)   for storyteller/alto saxophonist 

Study: Space  (2010)       for solo percussion


Chamber Works

Seventh for Two (2014) for soprano and percussion

Moebius (2013) for violin and viola

Eighth for Two (2013) for cello and piano

Selfsludge Dredging  (2012) for cello, percussion, and voice

Ninth for Two  (2012) for flute and violin


Large Ensemble/Theatrical Works

Dappled Thing 1  (2012) for small orchestra

Freddy Malaboca's Woodland Spectacular  (2012) full-length cabaret, written with Tim Hansen

Like A Sudden Flame  (2010) for solo soprano, choir, and tape (recorded voice)

Shades  (2010) for orchestra