Jesse Diener-Bennett

Writer, Composer

Music, Fiction, Screenplays, and More. Written now.

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A the Tree, Tree
is the stalk
rigid, and the steel
flesh, and the red burning
mouth, throat,
heaving stomach,
sumac and briar; that
is better.
That's how it knows you -
- the fist
pointed finger:
is bone, is
blood, em-
The stalk
nerveroots the
follicles worldturn
turn on the
lightsick chlorophyll.
The fist,
turned pointed finger,
the arm extended lights
turgid steel
skyward. Matchstick girl
I know; am; am against you.
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Recent Works List


Oh ,  I (2018)  |  trombone

Countings (2017)  |  piano

A The Tree, Tree (2016-17)  |  violin

Meditation: 3 and 1 (2015)  |  three-manual organ

Moon (2015)  |  flute

Shame (2014, rev. 2018)  |  flute

Wordmusic                   series for solo orator

 -Debater (2017)

-The Youngish (2012-2013)

-The Count of Crisco (2012)

-Candy (2011)


The Zero Point  (2010)  |  alto saxophone

Space Study  (2010)  |  percussion


Chamber Works

UnCovered  (2017)  |  clarinet, bassoon, and harp

Seventh for Two (2014)  |  soprano and percussion

Moebius (2013)  |  violin and viola

Eighth for Two (2013)  |  cello and piano

Selfsludge Dredging  (2012)  |  cello, percussion, and voice

Ninth for Two  (2012)  |  for flute and violin


Large Ensemble/Theatrical Works

Dappled Thing 1  (2012) for small orchestra

Freddy Malaboca's Woodland Spectacular  (2012) full-length cabaret, written with Tim Hansen

Like A Sudden Flame  (2010) for solo soprano, choir, and tape (recorded voice)

Shades  (2010) for orchestra



Triptych (2017)

Sudden Flame  (2016 - reworking of Like A Sudden Flame, 2010)